Budget 2016 - what to expect

Budget 2016 - what to expect

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Budget Speech today at 12.30pm, and we will be bringing you news of all the key announcements throughout the day – followed by a full summary which will appear on the site tomorrow morning.

With the EU referendum due in June, there has been much speculation that the Chancellor will deliver a downbeat economic forecast, warning of the dangers of a Brexit.

Additionally, the Chancellor is expected to announce major reforms to the education system, along with an additional £4 billion in spending cuts.

Mr Osborne’s eighth Budget will potentially introduce a £1.5 billion education package that will turn all UK state schools into academies.

Other measures predicted to be presented within the Budget include a rise in Insurance Premium Tax to 12.5% from 9.5% and considerable investment in the UK’s infrastructure.

However, Mr Osborne has a track record of surprising analysts with unexpected announcements – so make sure you keep an eye on our website for all the details.