Coronavirus (CV) Business Continuity.

Coronavirus (CV) Business Continuity.

As the situation surrounding CV continues to develop on a daily basis, Meston Reid & Co are doing everything possible in order to ensure that we keep our staff safe and recognise the requirement to provide visitors to the office with a protected environment. As such we have implemented procedures which allow us to provide a reliable, uninterrupted and timely service to clients.

We have robust and secure IT provision which allows our staff to work remotely where appropriate and all staff have been advised, both in writing and verbally, that they must self-isolate in line with Government guidelines should they display any CV symptoms.

Currently, some of our staff are working from home, whilst the office and reception/meeting areas remain open.

However, should the CV situation require Meston Reid & Co to close the office at some date in the future we suggest that, because the majority of incoming/outgoing communication is electronic, please continue to use email to communicate with us. Virtually all documentation that you need to share with us can be scanned and attached to an email. We use encryption software, Egress, in order to observe GDPR requirements.

Clearly, we will continue to receive postal communications which shall be acted upon. However, on the basis that office staff levels are artificially low meantime, anything of an urgent nature should also be sent by email to your usual office contact.

As we amend our business model to meet the changing circumstances, our response may be slower than normal and ongoing communication with us must recognise such fact. In view of the fast-changing CV situation, we will continue to monitor how we deliver services and support to our clients.

Please call or email your usual contact with any queries you may have.

Meston Reid & Co
March 2020