AJC and Meston Reid & Co: A 31-year partnership

AJC and Meston Reid & Co: A 31-year partnership

Meston Reid & Co has been supporting the business interests of Aboyne Castle Estate since 1990.

Alistair Aboyne leads a number of family-owned companies connected to the Estate: two of them – AJC Construction, founded in 2000, and AJC Homes, established in 2007 – provide the central pillars of the success story so far.

Each step of the way, Meston Reid & Co has been there to offer business advisory, tax planning, landed estates and accountancy support. It’s a 31-year partnership built on mutual respect and trust.

Alistair can take pride in the achievements of both AJC businesses, with their in-house expertise across multiple skill sets and trades helping them to grow their reputation for quality and excellent service. Word-of-mouth recommendations, rather than significant marketing spend, have been key to their development.

Today AJC Construction and AJC Homes have a staff of 65; a world away from when Alistair started out on his own.

The construction business is a respected name for bespoke building projects due to its multi-skilled workforce. It takes on three apprentices a year to ensure these much-needed skills are passed on to new generations.

AJC Construction has constantly looked to grow by pursuing new opportunities or by rising to new challenges. This has augmented its expertise base, whether in its architectural design capability or its in-house manufacturing of windows, doors and staircases.

AJC Homes, a high-end residential home builder, has come a long way from its inception in 2007. Today it is working on five City & Shire developments, including the prestigious Chapelton of Elsick site. A further exclusive development site at Culter House Road is currently being launched. As with all its developments, the regional housebuilder will be able to offer homeowners a broad range of options to apply personal touches to the design and build.

Alistair is grateful to have the support of Meston Reid expertise – with partner William Anderson the key contact for the past 11 years – as his businesses continue to evolve.

He said: “We value Meston Reid’s support. They are straight to the point and I can rely on them completely. I know what they say is correct. As a business with multiple revenue streams, it’s important we have an accountancy firm that is on the ball: one with the knowledge to handle a diverse range of interests.”

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the future is looking bright for AJC and Alistair – and Meston Reid & Co will be there to advise and support whenever required.