Corporate Finance

Money makes the world (of business) go round

Corporate Finance

"We can help you manage your working capital, review funding needs and provide corporate finance services to meet your short-term and long-term goals. 

If the time is right for expansion, perhaps through acquisition, we will make it happen by delivering appropriate due diligence and support you through the transaction process.”


When the time is right we will also explain options for an exit strategy and help you achieve the best outcome. 

At every stage of the life of your business you can count on us to assist with:

– Review of existing funding arrangements and management of working capital

– Selection of suitable sources of finance

– Business plans and forecasts

– Targeting and selecting businesses for acquisition

– Providing support in obtaining funding for acquisitions

– Financial due diligence

– Preparing businesses for sale

– Tax advice on a sale or purchase

– Valuation of businesses

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Financial Modeling and Forecasts

We can help you manage your working capital, review funding needs and fine tune funding applications. Any funding application requires extensive financial information and detailed financial forecasts that stand up to rigorous third party scrutiny and sensitivity analysis. You can count on us to make it all add up.

Share and Business Valuations

You may require an immediate share or business valuation for many reasons, and we appreciate the need for a prompt response. Whether you are looking to dispose of your business, require a valuation e.g. for tax or matrimonial purposes, or simply seek a second opinion, we will ensure that you understand the key factors in any valuation and how these impact upon you.

Acquisitions and Disposals

If you are looking to expand the time is right for expansion, perhaps through acquisition, we help to make it happen and support you through the transaction process. When the time is right we will explain your options for an exit strategy and help you achieve the best outcome. In any transaction our aim is to provide a one-stop integrated service, drawing upon our fiscal and financial expertise.

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