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"Our unique and customised audit approach is designed to highlight your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

We look at what impacts financial performance, identify key risks and provide advice on how best to manage them.

This process allows us to supply proactive advice which will help you work smarter, more profitably and provide comfort to those that appoint us.”


It is important that statutory accounts are fully compliant with the ever changing relevant statutory requirements.

We perform our audit work in a structured way that does not disrupt your business pattern. This allows us to provide proactive advice in order to help you work smarter, more profitably and with greater peace of mind.

Our audit expertise covers:

– Small, medium and large companies

– Groups and group reporting

– Charities

– FSA clients

– Grant claims

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Limited Companies

Undertaking a compulsory or voluntary limited company audit allows us to understand your business which means that our customised audit approach can be tailored to your company. Our innovative audit style is designed to highlight your company’s strengths and weaknesses such that positive feedback is given. Our audit process provides comfort that your financial systems are reliable.


Whether you are a small or large charity let us work with you to allow you to do what you do best. As charity regulation and OSCR reporting requirements get more onerous our specialist experience gives Trustees peace of mind that their charity accounts are compliant.

Grant Claims

Most grant awards are conditional upon having an independent audit of periodic claims. As an authorised Statutory Auditor we are experienced in dealing with most grant-awarding organisations and can assist in formulating the initial claim documentation in order to help ensure a positive outcome.

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