Corporate Insolvency

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Corporate Insolvency

If your business can’t meet its commitments to suppliers, landlords or HMRC, it could be time to take emergency action. With over 25 years of experience in debt management, we can handle formal insolvency proceedings for individuals, partnerships and companies. More happily, we can offer proactive and constructive advice before it gets that far.


An administration procedure can help a business deal with immediate financial challenges and become profitable again. If you want to rescue the business without being diverted by creditor action, administration might be the most effective option. With our experience in corporate insolvency we will ensure that you can achieve your goal, whether that includes restoring the company to its former glory, satisfying creditors or realising property. In some cases a pre-pack administration (an agreement to sell the business or its assets before the appointment of an administrator) is the most effective way to return to financial stability.

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Corporate voluntary arrangement

A CVA is a mechanism for business rescue. It is an extremely flexible procedure which enables a company to make a proposal to its creditors. This proposal will usually take the form of an agreement under which creditors can agree to accept a certain sum of money in settlement of the debts due to them. We can help to facilitate this voluntary arrangement and advise you as to the form it should take e.g. a delayed or reduced payments schedule, capital restructuring or an orderly disposal of assets etc. Consideration of this option will also include deciding whether a company moratorium might be an appropriate alternative.

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When a company has no hope of avoiding formal insolvency proceedings, liquidation is often the most responsible course of action. Every liquidation process is difficult because it inevitably involves job losses and the end of a business. We can help to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. With our many years of experience, we can help you manage the meetings, actions and paperwork required to achieve liquidation without undue stress.

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Directors services

Directors often wish guidance regarding general corporate concerns, when financial troubles are looming or board disputes occur. Directors will often wish to be represented separately in order to ensure that their interests are properly served. Further, directors consult us when there is an overdrawn loan account or perhaps a personal guarantee liability, and when The Insolvency Service instigate disqualification proceedings. A confidential and practical discussion will often create clarity of thought about how best to proceed

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