Landed Estates

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Landed Estates

“We have a dedicated multi-disciplined team who have been involved for many years in providing specialist and practical advice to a large number of landed estate clients.”


Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary team have years of experience in landed estate business, providing proactive advice to hundreds of clients. Our service is focused upon helping to preserve and maximise the value of estates because we recognise the overall strategy to cater for future generations whilst maintaining a viable business meantime.

We have a wealth of specialist knowledge on areas such as:

– Production of landed estate accounts

– Family succession planning

– The use of trusts and related accounting and tax advice

– Mitigation of capital gains tax

– Inheritance tax planning

– Dealing with land development projects

– VAT advice on property transactions

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If you think you’d like to use our services, please call +44 (0)1224 625554 or email and we will arrange a free introductory meeting.

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